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Device Manager Error Codes

Aug 2013
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Windows Drivers Errors:

Code 1 -
Error Message: This piece of equipment just isn't configured correctly. (Code 1)
Cause: It cannot chose the required drivers on your pc, or these drivers are corrupt or configured incorrectly.


Code 3 -
Error Message: The driver due to this device might be corrupted, or one's body could be running low on memory or other resources. (Code 3)
Cause: since the error message states

Code 10 -
Error Message: This piece of equipment cannot start. (Code 10)
Cause: as the error message states

Code 12 -
Error Message: This product cannot find enough free resources that it can use. If you wish to make use of this device, you need to disable one of several other devices with this system. (Code 12)
Cause: This message may appear if two devices are conflicting jointly using some area (for instance assigned ports) or should the BIOS has failed ot allocated sufficient resources towards device under consideration.

Code 14 -
Error Message: This revolutionary product cannot work correctly soon you restart your personal machine. (Code 14)
Cause: as being the error message states, try a restart to fix the problem

Code 16 -
Error Message: Windows cannot identify each of the resources this revolutionary product uses. (Code 16)
Cause: The product just isn't fully configured

Code 18 -
Error Message: Reinstall the drivers just for this device. (Code 18)
Cause: because the error message states

Code 19 -
Error Message: Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (within the registry) is incomplete or damaged. To correct this issue you must uninstall after which it reinstall the hardware device. (Code 19)
Cause: because the error message states

Code 21 -
Error Message: Windows is removing this piece of equipment. (Code 21)
Cause: as the error message states

Code 22 -
Error Message: This product is disabled. (Code 22)
Cause: because the error message states



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