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Ways to Troubleshoot an HP F4180 Printer

Jul 2014
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Hewlett Packard (HP) is definitely an American ICT enterprise -- it manufactures a array of computer systems and laptop or computer accessories. The 8220e is definitely an external CD drive which connects conveniently to a computer's USB port. In order for the external CD drive to operate, the acceptable drivers have to be installed. The HP Drivers and Application web page delivers customers with drivers and application for any piece of gear bought.


1 Verify to view in the event the indicator lights around the major of your HP F4180 printer are blinking. Press and hold the energy button till the printer turns off in the event the lights are blinking. Unplug the printer's energy cable plus the USB cable attached for your laptop or computer.

2 Reconnect each the energy cable and USB cable and assure each cables are firmly connected. Press the printer's energy button and try to print once again. Restart your laptop or computer and try to print once again in the event the print job does not get started.

3 Press inside the plastic tab positioned around the back side of your printer. Pull out the rear door held in spot by the tab. Verify to view if paper or other objects are jammed inside the printer.

4 Pull out any objects stuck inside the printer and push the rear door back in spot. Pull down the plastic door in the front finish of your printer. The printer's ink carriage should really automatically slide in spot when the door is pulled down.

5 Take away any visible paper or other obstructions close to the ink carriage. Push down the plastic latch around the front of your black and colour ink cartridges. Pull each cartridges out and set them back into spot.

6 Lift up the plastic latches to lock the cartridges for the ink carriage. Close the front plastic door and try to print once again.

7 Navigate for the HP F4180's help web-site for those who continue to practical experience complications together with the machine. Click the hyperlink labeled "Software & Driver Downloads." Choose your computer's operating system and click "Next."

8 Select the "Driver" hyperlink. Choose the "HP Deskjet Full Feature Application and Drivers" hyperlink and select "Save." Double-click the HP driver file and go through the prompts around the screen to install the most recent driver application.

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