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Tips on how to Upgrade the Memory inside a HP Pavilion DV6000 Laptop

Feb 2015
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Tips on how toUpgrade the Memory inside a HP Pavilion DV6000 Laptop

oneInvest inthe correct memory necessary to improve your HP Pavilion DV6000. You'll need 200 pin SODIMM DDR2 667 PC2-5300 memory. The HP Pavilion DV6000 has two memory card slots. The maximum memory you will bein a positionto install is 2 GB (1 GB per slot) in accordance to HP, though some have reported installing2 GB per slot. In thissituation a 32 bit edition of windows (XP or Vista) will only recognize 3GB.
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safewith thisimprove, upgrading to 2 GB. The upgradesupplieda pleasantenhance in overall performance with video processing along with other memory demanding applications, compared to one GB of memory.

two Unplug the energy cord from your HP Pavilion laptop. Clear away the laptop battery through the back with thecomputer system. This canreduce the chance ofelectrical powerdamagefor yourlaptop.

three Ground your self by touching a metal object or touch your screwdriver over the ground while touching a part of the metal. Unscrew the 2 screws circled in theStepthreephotograph. Utilizing a little Phillips head screwdriver turn the screws counter-clockwise right up untilthey arefully loosened. The screws is not going to fall out.

fourThe moment the screws are loose, take away the back cover with the laptop memory panel.

5You will find two clips on each and every side of each memory card. Commencingtogether with themajor memory slot, push the clips on each side outwards to release the card.

six Rotate the card in the direction of the battery compartment to release the memory card. Get the card out and put it aside. Repeat methods5 and 6to thesecond memory card.

7Installthe brand new memory beginningwith all thefinal card slot you took out. Slide the memory card in to the SODIMM slot and rotate right down to click into the slide clamps. Repeat for thebest card until finallyeach cards are put in.

8Put the back cover on by tightening the 2 screws. Put the battery back during the laptop and install the electrical power cord. Once youfliparound the laptop it'llinstantlyrecognize your new memory.
You'll be able tohead to the management panel in windows, then method properties to check outthe quantity of memory installedwithin your HP Pavilion DV6000 laptop.
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