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Tips on how to Set up Memory inside a Compaq Presario

Apr 2015
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Tips on how toSet up Memory inside a Compaq Presario

Energy down your computer and pull all of the plugs in the back of the Compaq Presario tower.

2Take away the left side panel from the tower by unscrewing the Phillips-head screw in back.

threePut the Presario tower on a properly lit work surface. Ideally, you mustfunction in an uncarpeted space to limit the possibilities of static build-up.

four Touch the side of your tower to discharge any static from yourbody.

fiveLook for an open RAM slot as pictured in Figure 1.

6 Line up the RAM stick, or "memory card," with RAM slot (Figure two).

7 Press the RAM stick
cautiouslyin to the slot. Do not force it. For those whoinstall the stick properly, the clips on every single side in the slot need to automatically close, locking the memory card in spot (Figure three).

eight Close your computer system, plug almost everything back in and start out the power. Your Compaq Presario need to automatically recognize the new memory you've just installed.
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