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Tips on how to Connect a Dell Axim to a Wi-Fi Network

Mar 2015
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Tips on how to Connect a Dell Axim to a Wi-Fi Network

1 Out of your "Start" menu, visit "Settings." This can consider you to your Axim's control panel. From there, you could configure numerous things having to do with the operations of one's Axim.

2 Click "Connections." You are going to be taken to a display which will provide you with selections on how to connect your Axim to the Online.

3 Click the Dell icon to the wireless local-area network (WLAN) This may enable you configure wireless Internet access.

four Click the "Wireless Internet" icon to enable it.

5 Look for a wireless Net connection. This may be carried out by clicking the icon that seems like two computer systems.

6 Whenever you obtain one in the area, click "Connect." If it's an "open" network, you can leap suitable onto the web. Even so, personal networks may well need a password.

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