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Tips on how to Clean a HP LaserJet 1000

Apr 2014
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Laser printers present great print high-quality, but only if they're correctly maintained. Laser printers has to be cleaned and maintained regularly or the good quality from the printouts will endure. More than time, paper dust and toner residue develop up, and in the event the printer is just not cleaned effectively, this residue will get around the paper and make difficulties with print good quality. Studying ways to clean your HP Laser Jet 1000 printer appropriately will be the most effective approach to maintain it operating smoothly


1 Turn off the HP Laser Jet 1000 printer and permit it to sit for at the very least half an hour. The interior from the laser printer can get pretty hot.

2 Lift the toner cover door and eliminate the toner cartridge. Use a tiny vacuum cleaner to clean below exactly where the toner cartridge was sitting. Paper dust and loose toner usually accumulate beneath the toner cartridge. Use a compact vacuum cleaner just like the type made use of to service computer systems.

3 Clean the whole interior on the printer utilizing the exact same vacuum cleaner. Continue cleaning the printer till no a lot more toner residue or paper dust is located.

4 Use a soft cloth to clean the interior from the printer one particular a lot more time. The cloth will usually choose up extra toner residue and paper dust that the vacuum cleaner misses.

5 Obtain a pack of laser printer cleaning sheets at your regional workplace provide retailer. These specially developed sheets are slightly sticky, and as they move by means of the paper path they choose up dirt along with other residue.

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