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The way to Set up a PCI Serial Port on an HP Compaq 6000 Pro Little Kind Aspect Computer With XP Experienced

Mar 2014
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Computer computer systems that use a modest type issue chassis frequently need specially sized expansion cards for use inside the PCI slots of their motherboard. The HP Compaq 6000 Pro is no exception to this generalization, so employing a smaller sized serial port expansion card inside the PCI slot is necessary. Apart from becoming physically smaller sized, you'll find no other variations inside the function of PCI expansion cards as they may be utilized below your computer's Microsoft Windows XP Expert operating program.


1. Disconnect all energy supplies for your HP Compaq chassis and eliminate the battery. Place in your anti-static wriststrap prior to undertaking any function around the inside of the laptop or computer. Open the chassis by removing the retaining screws in the back edge from the right-hand side case panel. You'll be able to slide the panel toward the back from the chassis to unlock the retaining clips and lift the panel away out of your pc.

2. Take away the modest metal block-out plate in spot in the PCI slot that you simply want to work with, permitting the serial port to show by way of the back of your chassis.

3. Insert the low-profile PCI serial port expansion card in to the slot in the motherboard. Safe the card in spot together with the hinged retaining bar that holds the block-outs and expansion cards in location; merely lock it down more than the flange with the expansion card's faceplate.

4. Replace the case side panel and safe into spot applying the screws.

5. Energy up the Computer and wait for it to ask for drivers. Some PCI serial port expansion cards make use of the built-in Windows drivers and can not need any added drivers, so do not be shocked if you are not asked for them. Nevertheless, in case your method asks for the drivers then insert the CD that came together with the serial port expansion card, and click the "Install anyway" button in the event the program asks concerning the authenticity on the driver computer software.

6. Reboot your HP Compaq 6000 if prompted to accomplish so. The laptop or computer will automatically integrate the new serial ports in to the technique and you may now make use of them.

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