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The way to Open a Compaq Presario Laptop

Feb 2015
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The way to Open a Compaq Presario Laptop

1 Disconnect your laptop's power cord from your wall, alsoas theinner battery pack. To perform this, locate the slide tab that locks the battery in areaover the side of your laptop. Hold this tab down to unlock the battery and slide the pack out of its port.

two Flip the laptop over and use a Phillip's head screwdriver to get rid ofeachon the screws holding it with each other. Not every hole could have a screw, so neverstressin case you see an empty hole; you are not missing something. Furthermore, a few of the screws will likely bediverse lengths, which means youshould reallycreate a note of which screw goes exactly where and sort them accordingly.

threeFind the removable plastic covering on the front tip of the laptop. Slide this off to expose the computer's difficult drive, which you will have totake awayahead ofit is possible to open the computer system. There might be two screws, one particular at each and every corner, yourequire to get rid of to pull the difficult drive totally free. These screws will besubstantiallysmaller sizedthan the ones you removed in Step2, so be sure you separate them and create a note of wherever they belong.

4 Disconnect the laptop screenfrom theentire bodywith thelaptop by locating and getting rid ofthe two screws that hold it in location. They arediscoveredat the back wherever the power cord plugs in. The momentthey areeliminated, pull up to the two rotating arms that permit the computerscreen to move up and down. When these pop cost-free, gently lift up to thescreenuntil finallythe 2 silver posts are free of chargein the computer's physique. Considerdistinctive care not to pull so challengingwhich you disconnect the two wires that lead from yourdisplayto thelaptop or computer.

five Separate the 2 plastic halves of your laptop's entire body. Afteryou could see within the laptop, you mightdiscover a protective metal plate on leading (almost certainly silver), covering the computer's motherboard. Unscrew each of the screws---making positive to sort them thoroughly, since theinner screws will likely bediversefrom the external ones---and take out the plate to entry any from the computer's innerparts.
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