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The best way to Install an HP 1350 All-In-One Printer

Jul 2014
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The HP 1350 all-in-one printer might be installed using the software that comes together with the printer when the driver disk is missing. For those who have the disk for the Photosmart 1350 printer, you can follow the prompts to get the printer installed. If you want to install  the drivers Online, you are going to take sometime to do it. But you'll have a functioning printer when you happen to be performed.


1 Unplug the USB cable in the computer  when you have plugged it in.

2.  Download the drivers on the HP site  according the model of your printer.

3 Choose the language which you will use, and pick your computer's operating system the list. And Pick the appropriate model to visit the download web page.

4 Click "Driver"  -> "Download" to Download the just drivers.

5 Click "Save file"  to save the file to where you'll be able to find it easily.

6 Get the file on  your desktop and double-click the file to begin the installation work.

7 Follow any prompts that you simply see. When connect  the printer with the laptop, plug the USB cable into it. The installation will continue and finish. The printer will now perform together with your computer..

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