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Reformat a Compaq Laptop With No Windows Disk

Jan 2015
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Reformat a Compaq Laptop With No Windows Disk

1 Attach a USB memory device
to your Compaq laptop's USB port. Click "Open a folder to view files" in the AutoPlay window. Click and drag any files or folders you need to keep to the USB device's window.

2 Close the window and remove the USB device. Disconnect any peripheral device cables attached
to your Compaq laptop, such as network or printer cables.

3 Navigate to the "Start" menu and choose "All Programs." Access the "Recovery Manager" folder and click the "Recovery Manager" icon.

4 Click the "System Recovery" link, which is located underneath the "I need help immediately" heading. Wait for your Compaq laptop to automatically restart and click "Next" when the System Recovery program loads again.

5 Select "No" at the "Microsoft System Restore" screen and choose "Next." Click "Next" at the "Recover without backing up your files" screen.

6 Choose the "Next" option again to start the process of reformatting the Compaq's hard drive. Use the drop-down menus that appear to select the time zone and language for your Compaq.

7 Type in a new operating system username and password when prompted and choose "Finish" to finish reinstalling the operating system.
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