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How you can Test the Ink Degree on an HP Deskjet F380

Feb 2015
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How you canTest the Ink Degree on an HP Deskjet F380

one Click "Start, HP Remedy Center" on yourcomputer.

2Pick the "Settings" menu, then "Print Settings" and "Printer Toolbox."

3 Click "Estimated Ink Degree." If ink ranges are minimalas well as your printouts have shown streaks or lines, change your ink cartridges.

4Observe the prompts to align the cartridges if you've replaced them.

fiveKeep an eye on your printouts followingyou'vetransformed cartridges. A "low-ink" warning really should pop up in case you areseeking to print with cartridges which arelow on ink, but it isa very goodstrategyto beawarefrom thesigns of very low ink, because printing with an empty or nearly empty cartridge can injury your printer.
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