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How you can Set up an HP Deskjet 3550

Mar 2014
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The HP DeskJet 3550 is definitely an inkjet printer appropriate for black-and-white documents and colour photographs. It truly is compatible with each Windows and Mac operating systems. The device may also print on various paper sorts, which includes photo paper, envelopes, cards and executive paper. As a way to make use of the Deskjet 3550, on the other hand, you need to set it up and connect it for your laptop or computer. Fully grasp how you can appropriately set up this printer so you will get one of the most out of its options.


1. Location the printer on a table or equivalent surface close to your personal computer. Plug the printer energy cable in to the back of your printer. Plug the other finish into an electrical outlet. Turn the printer on.

2. Lift up the front cover and take away the ink cartridges one particular at a time. Push down around the finish of a cartridge to snap it out of location. Get rid of the pink tape around the back of each and every cartridge. Don't touch the copper contacts underneath. Reinsert the ink at a slightly upward angle using the copper contacts facing downward. Push the cartridges into location. You'll hear a snap when each and every one particular is safe.

 3. Plug the square finish with the USB information cable that came using the printer in to the back with the device. Plug the other finish into a USB port in your computer system. Set up the printer drivers that came together with the printer and insert paper in to the tray on top rated of your device.

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