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How you can Extract Drivers From an HP System Recovery Partition

Aug 2013
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Driver programs give Windows instructions concerning how to make use of computer's various components. Installing drivers on computer brands besides HP might require that you go through many CD-ROMs. Fortunately, all HP computers include a recovery partition from which you can easily extract the required drivers.


1. Close any open programs using your laptop. Click "Start" and select "All Programs." Obtain the "Recovery Manager" folder inside the list of programs and choose "HP Recovery Manager" in the folder (this application installs drivers upon the HP recovery partition and is automatically installed on all HP computers). Dependant upon which version of Windows you are using, along with the computer's settings, a dialogue box can take place trying for administrator permissions. Click "Allow" should this happen.

2. Select "Advanced Options" after the software loads. Choose "Hardware Driver Re-Installation" and then click "Next."

3. Choose the hardware drivers you want to install. The recovery partition has drivers for all your parts in your computer, including the video card, audio devices and network cards.

4. Install the drivers using the on-screen instructions. Click "Finish" to close this system when you find yourself done. Restart the computer if prompted to do so.

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