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how about HP Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook 14-f027cl

Dec 2014
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Display screen and Audio
The Pavilion TouchSmart's
High definition BrightView LED 1366 x 768 glossyscreenisn't going toprecisely wow. When seeing the trailer for "The Existence of Pi," vivid oranges and yellows lookeda little bit muted and specificswere not as sharp as we would have preferred. Scenes with contrasting blues, this kind of as these that happenedto the sea in the course of the daytime, appeared brighter and crisper than other clips from your trailer.

At 137 lux on our
gentle meter, the Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook fell way underneath the 228 mainstream notebook classificationregular. Dell's Inspiron 15z (146 lux) and ASUS' VivoBook S500CA (147 lux) have somewhat brighter shows.

observed the 15-inch contactdisplay screento generally be responsive and accurate. Swiping to navigate in theHome windowseight interface felt smooth and fluid. When examininginformationposts, we utilized pinch-to-zoom over thecontactdisplaywithout difficulty, and highlighted textby simply tapping the monitor and dragging the marker.

The Altec Lansing speakers
provide the TouchSmart 15z-b000 Sleekbook complete and livelysound. When listening to "Somebody I Accustomed to Know" by Gotye, the vocals sounded deep and prosperous. Once we cranked the volumeevery one of the way up, audio boomed boisterously from underneath the display screen. Using the Dolby Advanced Audio two.0 control panel, it is possible tocustomiseaudiosettingsthrough the use of presets this sort of as Movies and Songs.

Ports and Webcam
The HP Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook
arrivesby using a USB 2.0 port in addition to a headphone jack on its left-hand aspect. Around thecorrect are two USB three.0 ports, an SD Card reader, an HDMI port and an Ethernet port.

The TouchSmart Sleekbook
arrives with HP's 1280 x 720 TrueVision Hd webcam, which iscreated toprovidevividonline video even in lowergentle. In fluorescent lighting, photoshave beenin factbright, but were washed-out and grainy.

Following streaming a Hulu online video at wholedisplay screen for fifteen minutes, the touchpad over the TouchSmart 15z-b000 Sleekbook registered at 81degrees Fahrenheit, whilethe regionconcerning the G and H keys within the keyboard reached 86 levels. The laptop's underside strike 87 levels, hardly approaching the 95-degree threshold that might be regarded asawkward.

Having said that, afteremploying the laptop for one hour on our desk, the wrist rests felt significantly -- although not uncomfortably -- warm.

The Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook 15's AMD quad-core A8-4555M accelerated processor with 6GB of RAM proved
speedy in every day use. Appsintroducedquicklywhenjoggingeight tabs in Google Chrome, and we streamed "Modern Family" easilywhen leaving 7 other programsopen.

Nonetheless, the Sleekbook fifteen turned in mediocre scores on our benchmark assessments. Its score of one,352 on PCMark seven is beneath the mainstream grouptypicalof 2,727. This exhibitingwill not even arriveclosetowards the Dell Inspiron 15z (four,184) or perhaps the ASUS VivoBook S500CA (2,527), each of that have a 1.7-GHz Intel Main i5-3317U CPU.

The Pavilion TouchSmart
15 booted in therelativelyquick 28 seconds, which beats the 42-second classificationaverage. Nevertheless, the Inspiron 15z took just 21 seconds, plus the ASUS VivoBook S500CA took eighteen seconds.

Over theLaptop File Transfer Exam, both equally Dell and ASUS' notebooks outshined the HP Pavilion TouchSmart nonethelessonce more. The HP's 750GB five,400-rpm hard disk took three minutes and 54 seconds to replicate a 5GB mixed media file, equaling a fee of 21.eight MBps. Which ispretty much50 percent the groupnormal of forty one MBps, in addition to falls briefon the Inspiron 15z (30.five MBps) as well as the VivoBook S500CA (65.3 MBps).

The Pavilion TouchSmart was also sluggish on our OpenOffice Spreadsheet
examination, which matches 20,000 names to their corresponding addresses. It took the TouchSmart 9 minutes and forty five seconds to finish this endeavor, considerablyfor a longer timecompared to the5:56secondclassificationnormal. By comparison, the Dell Inspiron 15z took six:26, along with the ASUS VivoBook S500CA took 5:36.

The TouchSmart Sleekbook's AMD Radeon
High definition 7600G graphics card is acceptable for mainstream gaming and streaming Hdvideo clip. The TouchSmart scored 844 during the 3DMark 11examination, failing to fulfill the one,162 classnormal. On the other hand, this did outperform the Intel 4000 Graphics GPU found inequally the ASUS VivoBook S500CA (632) and Dell Inspiron 15z (641).

taking part in "World of Warcraft" using theconfigurations on autodetect, the TouchSmart Sleekbook averaged 29 frames for eachnext, which isslightly below what we consider playable -- thirty fps. The VivoBook and Inspiron 15z ended upsomewhatgreater, scoring 33 fps each and every. None of those notebooks even occurcloseon thesixty seven fps classtypical for mainstream notebooks. Immediately after bumping the settingsas much ascomplete, the TouchSmart's framelevel dropped to an unplayable fifteen.five fps.

The TouchSmart
15 Sleekbook also canengage in higher-end online games -- barely. Together with thesettings on very low, we averaged 30 fps in "Batman: Arkham City." The ASUS VivoBook S500CA notched an increased 36 fps about thesimilaroptions.

The Pavilion TouchSmart 15z-b000 Sleekbook's 4-cell lithium ion battery lasted for
3several hours and 39 minutes in the course of theLaptop Battery Test, which is composed of continualWebsitebrowsingabove Wi-Fi. This is certainlyperfectlydown below the 5:41categoryaverage for mainstream notebooks, and it isextra than one hourlower thaneach the VivoBook (four:43) and Inspiron 15z (four:40). HP does notoffer an extendedcapability battery with the TouchSmart 15z.
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