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How about Compaq Presario CQ1-1020 18.5-inch All-In-One PC

Dec 2014
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HP couldneed to refer for the Compaq Presario CQ1-1020 as an all-in-one desktop Pcbut theprogram is basedaround netbook components that severely limits its possible. Some providers have chosen to bypass the Windows netbook licensing requirements to add some functionality at a slightly higherexpense but HP has stuck to Microsoft's restrictions.

selection of Windows XP will likelysupport sell units for those that dislike Vista and Windows 7 however itdefinitelycan be a disservice in recent times. Efficiency from Windows 7 Starter Edition used with netbooks delivers a smooth encounteron therestricted hardware but givesimprovedpotential compatibility with future applications. Microsoft has also stated that Windows XP sales in netbooks will halt sometime this fall.

Rather thanapplying a slightly quicker single core version from the Intel Atom processor, HP has decided to make use of the Atom D410 processor. This isessentially a beneficialselection in most situationsdue to the fact it assists limit overall performance slowdowns from tasks which include anti-virus thoughworking with the internet or word processing. The issuethoughwould be the 1GB of DDR2 memory that the Microsoft licensing restricts. The system would benefittremendously from obtaining 2GB.

capabilities are whenonce again restricted by the Microsoft licensing to just 160GB of really hard drive space. That isparticularlymodest for any one that might use it for alargenumber of applications and media files. No less thanyou can find a fair number of USB ports for use with external really hard drives. The technique does include a DVD burner which makes it possible for it to bemade use of for playback and recording of CDs and DVDs which some similarly priced nettops don'tinclude.
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