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Clean the Dust from Your Pavilion G7 2320dx

Nov 2014
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Receive the supportmanualin the HP webweb-site, see "Sources and Citations".

to yourpart titled "System board" on web page 68. You'll haveto obtain this far down into thepc, fundamentallyabsolutely disassembled, to getto your fan and heat exchanger.

Comply with the instructionsmeticulously and clear away the items accordingly until finallyyou haveremoved the method board.

particular laptop utilizes a fan to blow cooler air across a heat exchanger to have rid of the heat which comes by means of a cold finger from your processing elements. Just blow canned air backwards via this heat exchanger, towards the fan, to free the dust. Blow the fan also with air, and blow backwards with the inlet vent holes about the bottom case cover. Whilemaking use of air with no dis-assembly mightoperate, carrying out this may blow the dust into other partsthis kind ofsince the speaker which isidealsubsequenton the fan.

Reassemble the laptop.

Recharge the laptop.
Because the CMOS was cleared, the programwill notbeginuntil eventually it thinks it's been recharged. Be patient and wait a number ofhoursjust beforeseeking tostart out it.

Reconfigure the BIOS
for those who had transformed it for Linux or a different OS. Do this by pressing F10 just following turning it on. Set the hardware date and time in order thatthere aren't any conflicts for the duration of booting with dates locatedon the disk.

Restart the
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